Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to motivate your child to be the best?

Sorry for taking some time to post. When you have so many things to do and a very little time it is tough. Have you ever seen a person running around like a busy bee and ending up without doing anything useful? Well, I am one of them. I was busy but couldn’t do anything useful. Today I found time to do something useful (hopefully). You see, something is better than nothing. So, I started editing my article about How to motivate your child to be the best? Experience I have gained as a teacher helped me a lot to write this. Working with children is fun. Handling difficult children is very interesting because they always try to teach us. Some of them taught me very good lessons and I became a better teacher because of them (we should always look at the positive side). It’s a pity we do not have many difficult children. The above mentioned article is meant for the parents. Actually it is better if we get a chance to teach some of them first without making a foolish attempt to change their children. Now, don’t come here and protest in front of my house because I know that there’re very good parents who are doing every possible thing on earth to look after their children.


Rose DesRochers said...

I really enjoyed reading your article. I believe that we are our child's first teacher, but it takes more than just a parent to raise a child. Teachers, principals, friends, all have something to do with a child's development. I never believed in the saying, "Children are to be seen, not heard."

Advisor said...

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