Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two little bundles of joy

I thought of starting my blog with my two little bundles of joy. Have you ever had any uninvited visitors to your backyard? Well, we had two little visitors few months ago. Their mother had abandoned them (not completely, paying visits once in a way to check on them, may be to see whether they’re still alive) giving us a wonderful opportunity to make friends with them. They may be very ordinary but I consider them as two little bundles of joy. I always go and check on them and the very sight of them makes me happy. Sometimes I feel very sorry for my little friends when I see them waiting near the door for their meals. My mother doesn’t like the idea of having them inside the house. But she is generous enough to provide them with meals. I also do not like to restrict their freedom because they still visit their own mother who is in the neighborhood. Sometimes you find them entertaining their guests and waiting patiently for them to enjoy their meal or having a good time on the roof.
I found an interesting post regarding living in backyard at,