Monday, September 29, 2014

Featured Blogger of the week

After a long break I have started featuring another blogger here. So this week’s featured blogger is Marty Rubin from New York. According to his biography he is a poet at heart and a lover of life. He is also an iconoclast with nihilistic tendencies. He considers politics as friendship & his philosophy as happiness. 

You can find his aphorisms, reflections on life, death, beauty, change, love, happiness, etc., written in a poetic and whimsical style at &

If you are looking for some insights to your life you may enjoy reading those blogs.  It is also good to visit if you are really stressed out with work or depressed with outcomes to see that it is not a huge problem after all if you can understand the cause of agony and laugh at yourself.  There’s combination of humor, criticism, sarcasm & philosophy.

When the majority in the society is running a rat race, bloggers like Marty and a few others like that watch the race with amusement and come up with various aphorisms to educate their readers. These bloggers are like rock solid mountains and stand still when most of us run about like wavering trees. But they should thank us because our oddities in life provide inspirations to their writings.

I must thank all the bloggers who responded positively to be featured here. Please be patient till I go through your blogs and select randomly. If you want to be included in this list please contact me or submit your URL here. By the way, any blogs that are pornographic, defamatory, libelous, tortuous, vulgar, obscene, invasive of privacy, racially or ethnically objectionable, hateful, promotes or provides instructional information about illegal activities, or promotes any act of cruelty to animals will not be featured. Good thing I found this list. Actually, I also don’t know meanings of some of these words. But anyway find a dictionary and check whether you have any of these because I really do not like to reject a request but will have no other option to do so if it is necessary.

Image I’ve used is by GayaniG (Gayani Ganegoda).

Thursday, September 18, 2014


First of all I would like apologize for not updating the blog for a long time. As you can see from my last post I had a tough time balancing work and time. Though the situation is still the same I have decided to take some time off for blogging. When I see my pet cat taking naps & enjoying herself playing around or taking walks without a single problem I feel a bit stupid to work like a lifeless machine all day. It is true I take breaks to prevent stress from taking over. But still look ridiculous comparatively since I am responsible for my own busy lifestyle. I set goals & run after those as if I am brainwashed. It doesn’t mean that I want to sleep like my pet. But the very need to look after myself properly has destroyed my own freedom. 

Given below are some images I’ve taken from the internet since I don’t have time to draw. If you observe the facial expressions carefully you can understand what I’ve tried to explain. Whatever we do our targets should be happiness & wellbeing. But those are the very attributes missing in the process to achieve those.

I have no rights to the images in this post . Given below are the sites I’ve taken those.