Friday, July 11, 2008

Weight loss and the magical paste

I was really busy with my article on ‘weight loss’ and didn’t have time to post here. Whenever I visit hubpages to publish my articles I get stuck there. There’re so many interesting hubs to read and I just don’t have time. This is pathetic. Somehow I managed to come out today.

I do not like to type my article here. But I wanted to share with you the recipe for the magical paste since this is a very serious problem faced by many. This will help you to get rid of fat.

Magical Paste

Take the same quantity from the following and mix it up. Grind or squash it to make paste. Add lime and take one teaspoon with your lunch or dinner.

Curry leaves
Malabar Tamarind (Goraka)

(Warning: have a glass of water next to your plate if you’re not familiar with spicy food)

Eating the paste alone will not work if you neglect the basics. If you want to find more about the basics please visit How to maintain a good figure and get rid of fat?


Ms. Orange Derange said...

The combination of the ingredients for this Magical Paste is strong! I wonder how this works?

I can definitely see this suppressing the appetite, being spicy and garlicy!

Or by adding this magical paste to sweet foods, I can definitely see it making one eat less of it, like if i put it on ice cream... :P

GK16 said...

'I wonder how this works?'

Will have to ask from a scientist.

By the way, don't spoil your ice cream. Have the paste with your lunch or dinner and don't tell me that you are eating only sweets.


Ms. Orange Derange said...

i think i have a pretty well balanced diet... lately i've been eating alot of Indian food. roti, aloo mater etc... spicy!

GK16 said...

Wow, I like Indian food. I’m beginning to feel jealous. Good to hear that you are having a well balanced diet. Keep it up!