Friday, July 4, 2008

Get paid to review your neighbor's pet?

Very recently I came to know about a very interesting site called Review Stream where you can review anything around you including stores on your street, the shops you visited, any product you have used or even your neighbor’s pets and get paid for your reviews. Current review rate is $ 2.00 (subject to change it seems). If you write five reviews a day you can easily make $300.00 for that month. I think this is a very good site for someone with a writing talent.

You may think that I am writing a review about them. No, I am not planning anything like that. I only wanted to share this opportunity with you. I also do not have time. I spent hours there reading what others have written to understand the basics. You should do the same if you are planning to start reviewing. But do not take hours like me. I am always slow. I just don’t know the reason for this. Anyway we should always start reading before taking up writing. By the way I must repeat my old story here, ‘I am new to this site and don’t know much about them’.


Rom said...

Hi thanks for commenting on my blog. This thing Review stream seems like a cool income generating site. Thanks for posting it i will check it out and try to have it on my blog. You have nice clean site here very refreshing, though i noticed you are just new here. Keep up the good work!

Rose DesRochers said...

From what I heard you have to have $50 in your account before you can with draw. You would have to do 25 reviews just to make $50.00.

You should ask on if anyone has written for them?

GK16 said...

Thanks. I saw some discussions in mylot with positive replies. Some have recieve payments. Anyway I will check on

Advisor said...

I agree with your post and the interest you shown for others to make money. It is better to have the information about the consistency of the site and there paying discipline. Lots of spam sites available to cheat poor people with interest on make money by work hard in net..

thank you for sharing and I will have a look on this and inform you soon.

If some one found the site is a fraud, it will affect your blog till an extend. Taking care on writing about something that people eagerly looking for will help you to grow more.

Sherin -

GK16 said...

Hi Sherin, I will not be able to predict on the consistency of the site. But normally I do a research before joining and if I find anyone claiming that they have recieved payment only I join them. But even that can be part of a scam. I have heard that some get paid to write like that. So, it is tough to identify scams. Anyway I will try to be more careful. Thanks