Friday, August 1, 2008

Feeling down?

Last week I was busy with my article on depression. You will find it useful if you are feeling down/depressed. You can click this link to go to my article How to fight against depression?. I do not think it is appropriate to repeat everything in the article here. But I would like to make a suggestion on this. If there’re readers who are feeling down/depressed please try Samaritans. Find the nearest branch from this web site . They will not reveal your personal information to a third party. If you don't like to go there write a letter about your problem. I underwent training at one of their branches as a volunteer and we were given strict instructions on privacy of the callers. I couldn't serve them for long due to my tight schedule. But I know that they can help you. They undergo special training to help their callers to dig out the hidden negative feelings and buildup positive ones to replace the negativity.

By the way you can share your problem here. I can have a separate category in my blog for your problems. You can contact me anonymously with your problem. I will post it here and let the other readers give their suggestions/opinions on that. I myself will try to suggest something useful if it is possible.


LoMo said...

Good to know

GK16 said...

Hi lomo, thanks for stopping by.

Prodinterios said...

Thanks for sharing this.
But isn't it very desperate doing this?
Like giving a letter like your in a serious need of someone to talk to?

GK16 said...

Hi prodinterios, I can understand you. It may be a desperate thing to do. But it is definitely better than committing suicide.

Samaritans provide confidential non-judgmental emotional support, 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which could lead to suicide. Whatever you're going through, whether it's big or small, don't bottle it up. Samaritans are there for you if you're worried about something, feel upset or confused, or just want to talk to someone.

Seeking their help is not a desperate thing to do. It is just like going to physician for treatments. You need not mention your real name in your letter.

K.Fields said...

This is a really good article on depression, there are some really good ideas and tips on what you can do about a depression you can find yourself in, or even if you know someone who is depressed. Thank-you for sharing! Great Blog by the way! :)
Plus a place to confide your fears! Awesome!

GK16 said...

Thanks K.Fields

mantiz said...

nice post.
I always resort to some music whenever i feel down. another way to get rid of depression is to read other peoples' success stories, it really helps.
nice blog btw, loved reading the entries. keep up the good work:)